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We deal in Solar Hot Water and provides system that are commercially viable to the customer;

Solar for Domestic User

Solar for Commercial User    Click to See the Solar Commercial System Schematic Arrangment

Solar for Industrial User

Solar hot water for domestic uses, is factory-made, ready-to- assemble type of system. The capacity of such systems ranges 100 Ltr. to 500 Ltr/day at 60°C.

Solar hot water systems for commercial uses are modular type and their capacity can be adjusted to fulfill the need. These systems are design, install and commission based on the site survey data and specific need of the client.

The solar system for commercial applications uses forced flow arrangement auto differential temperature controller for pump operation, circulation system consisting auxiliary electrical heating for continuous and instant hot water availability at all the user points.

For commercial viability refer to Cost Economics Domestic user

View list of our solar commercial system clients & Case Study

DOMESTIC USER   -  Solar hot water system for domestic application

How to decide capacity

          A house hold with a family size of 2 + 2, two bathroom and having shadow-free area in a duplex should have minimum capacity of 100 ltr. /day when uses are conservative OR maximum capacity of 150 ltr. /day when uses are free.

          The capacity of large size family and large bunglow may be calculated in a linear ratio.

Solar Hot Water Systems or Commercially Viable

The Solar Hot water systems are self functioned by saving in electricity bill and committs a very attarctive flat payback of less than 3 years . 

COMMERCIAL USES      Click to See the Solar Commercial System Schematic Arrangment
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HOTEL      -        Hot Water Supply for Bathing

If you are using electrical geysers for hot water supply to bathrooms in the hotel or hospital, quickly switchover to Solar Hot Water Systems, they are cheaper in long term perspective.

For large size hotel please fill our Format SHWS- Hotel application so that our executive will come back to you with techno-commercial proposal for decision making at your end. Make sure that you have sufficient shadow free space to install solar panel.

Hot Water supply for cooking in large restaurants.

          Are you using LPG at commercial rate for cooking purposes? It might be unknowingly incurring more cost of fuel. Switch over to solar hot water system that makes available instant hot water up to 80°C with the following benefits.

  • Saving in time.
  • Most suitable for cooking of pulses, rice, potato etc
  • Payback is less than 2.5 year on capital investment of solar system.


Boiler feed water

Are you using oil fired Boiler, adding solar hot water at 80°C in an oil fired Boiler as feed water is commercially attractive.
Fill our Format SHWS- Industrial  our executive will come back with techno-commercial study and provide data for decision making at your end. Make sure that sufficient shadow free space is available to install solar panel.



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