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Effluent Treatment Plant

Shreyans Energy designs effluent treatment plants to recover energy across UASB anaerobic digester and reduce cost of aeration.

The design offered by the company has advantages like :

  • Less foot print area of the treatment facility
  • Low energy input at aeration system
  • COD reduction across UASB digester by more than 70 %
  • Biogas recovery, Storage and utilization system

We provide treatment plants applicable to;

  • Agro-processing industrial waste water.
  • Domestic & Sewage waste water.
  • Gelatin processing waste water.
  • Confectionary Plants etc.

If any industry from above category is using primary treatment followed by secondary aeration system, we suggest the incorporation of anaerobic treatment immediately to save on cost of aeration and reduce cost of ETP operation through recovery of Biogas.

Do you want to assess the potential of energy recovery from waste water generated from the production process ? Fill up Format ETP / Organic Waste and our executive will come back to you with cost economics of augmentation of anaerobic treatment system.

Shreyans Energy also provides services to Galvanizing waste water treatment with special focus on flux solution recycling system, maintaining iron and pH content within norms in the flux solution throughout the production cycle with an on line arrangement ( no interruption in the production process.)

This treatment and recycling plant is more important in view of productivity of Galvanization than treatment and recycling of flux solution as rejections due to black spots are controlled significantly in the finished product. To obtain an offer for flux treatment and recycling plant fill up Format ETP Flux.

Defused aeration system
waste treatment
waste treatment
  • Lifund waste treatment Defused aeration system
  • Secondary Clasifier

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