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Mr. Shailendra Jain,CEO,SEPL

From The CEO Desk

Team at Shreyans Energy is engaged in project design and execution, that reduces carbon emission in the atmosphere.

Take any sector, whether Bio-methanization of solid & liquid waste, energy conservation, exploitation of solar energy, recycling of flux solution, etc, everywhere we achieve carbon emission reduction.

I therefore feel delighted to write that Shreyans Energy is a net positive carbon company, engaged in preserving environment and contributing to sustainable development.

Today we realized this concept on a small scale but have a vision to expand it by the participation of the carbon emission stake holders.

Policy initiative of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has been driving force for us to move forward and now CDM initiative has further reinforced us to strongly proceed towards our vision.

I welcome comments & suggestion at E-mail  : to help us improve & serve better on environment, energy & climate change fronts.

Shailendra Jain



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