Clean Development Mechanism

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change provides an opportunity to invest into Carbon Emission reduction project at developing countries and help developed countries to fulfill their emission reduction targets.

At one end CDM provides cheaper option of fulfillment to industrialized countries in meeting out their emission target, whereas, developing countries at other end it gets an extra revenue source to make their project commercially attractive.

The Framework provides an excellent opportunity of sustainable development in the developing countries in addition to mitigating global warming.

Shreyans Energy is working in areas that come under the category of Clean Development Mechanism and provides services in categories

  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste Treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Energy Conservation.

Our services in CDM

  • Project identification
  • Preparation of project concept note, project design document and submission to Designated National Authority.
  • Coordination with Designated Operating Entity for validation & registration.
  • Coordination with Designated Operating Entity for verification.
  • Coordination for Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA)

Shreyans Energy is in process of offering their services as Coordinating Entity under the Programme of Activity (PoA) for

  • Bio-methanization Plant for livestock farms
  • Family size Biogas plant for farmers.

CDM Project in hand



CDM Status


Programme of activity on "Methane recovery from Manure Management System (MMS) of live stock farms"

Host country approved obatained


Methane recovery from Manure Management System (MMS) at dairy farm of Narayana Farm Produce Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur.

Under going validation


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