Dairy (Goshala) Farm Waste


Digester Gea Box
Digester Gear Box

Over view of  Plant
Over view of Plant

Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm produces large quantity of solid waste and its disposal is a serious issue. We provide solutions to all the dairy farmers, irrespective of their diary farm size, by establishing biogas plant to recover energy that could very well be used for cooking, heating and electricity production. This we accomplish with user friendly feature, by incorporating mechanized system for solid waste handling and require very little space for the entire facility.

For large size dairy farmers we suggest to fill our Format BGP so that our executive can come back with techno-economic information to provide you a strong basis for making a decision.

The large size dairy farms that house cattle population of 200 and above can make their entire operation mechanized including machine milking, chilling, pumping, bulk cooler etc. from electricity produced by captive power plant using biogas exclusively as fuel in a sustainable manner throughout the year; with a life expectancy of 20 years.

The company provides Prefabricated Biogas Plant for small dairy farmers that treats waste at source and recovers biogas for meeting out cooking fuel needs of the family. These are kept in ready stocks and supplied through dealer distributor network.

View Case Study for real life example at Bhalla Dairy Farms, Satna ( M.P.) and list of our existing Clients.


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