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Turnkey Execution

Bhalla Dairy Farm, having cattle production of 350 numbers, is located at a remote site from Satna city of Madhya Pradesh. The dairy farm has arrangement of milk collection of 5000 Ltr./day that is chilled, stored and sold.

The farm operations like machine milking, chopp cutter, pumps  are mechanized and require uninterrupted supply of electricity.

The biggest problem faced by the Dairy owner Mr. Sanjeev Bhalla, was frequent failure of grid supply. To overcome this, a standby DG set was installed for meeting out electricity need during grid supply failure.

The energy bill along with cost of manure disposal encouraged him to set up Biogas based power plant and fulfill his energy need along with systematic treatment of manure.

Shreyans Energy executed this Biogas based captive power plant based on CSTR technology making the dairy owner self dependant on power generated from animal manure.

The treated slurry from the Biogas plant is dried & further treated by vermi-compost and realized as additional source of income.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has provided a capital subsidy of Rs. 8.75 lacs on this project.

Shreyans Energy is now arranging CDM transaction of this project under programmatic approach.

Key Performance parameter Demonstrated at site

Flexi Biogas Plant
Flexi Biogas Plant
200 M3 Flexi Biogas plant suitable upto 500 numbers of animal population


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